Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Voluntary Carbon Dioxide Offset Market Being Created

The Center is in the forefront of developing a voluntary carbon dioxide (CO2) trading market. Except that we have yet to convince a nuclear company to collateralize our Green Carbon Bank (click on the penguin). Whereas more traditional environmental organizations, other nonprofits and profit companies are basing their offsets on tradition renewable technologies, the Center is basing its offsets on emission free nuclear power. We also intend to market traditional offsets through our Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX).

A new Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) aims to certify the validity of voluntary offsets bought by those who want to reduce their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, or 'carbon footprint.' The VCS seeks to increase transparency and quality assurance in the unregulated voluntary market. The VCS wants businesses and other buyers to trust the offsets they buy. The VCS standard is endorsed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which guarantees permanent emissions reductions that have been independently verified and incorporates a registry that prevents vendors from selling the same offsets twice. The VCS was developed after a two-year consultation including The Climate Group, the International Emissions Trading Assocation (IETA) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The Climate Group is a London-based coalition of environmentalists and businessmen working to establish a standardized, international marketplace for trading carbon emissions credits. The program aims to assure purchasers that the carbon credits they buy are genuine and truly represent a carbon-emission reducing project. Each credit represents an offset to a ton of carbon emissions. It is voluntary program and businesses are not required to buy offsets. However, not only is it good public relations for a company to offset their carbon emissions, if enough entities participate, significant reduction can be achived. The program establishes a single database to track the credits to ensure their authenticity. (MarketWatch, Reuters)

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