Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Fantastic Five of Coal-To-Liquids (CTL) in Congress

The Fantastic Five of coal-to-liquids in Congress include (coal state production status):

1) Nick Rahall (West Virginia, 2nd)
2) Rick Boucher (Virginia, 12th)
3) Mike Enzi (Wyoming, 1st)
4) Jim Bunning (Kentucky, 3rd)
5) Barack Obama (Illinois, 9th)

Mainstream green organizations love Congressman Rahall and Senator Obama, but hate their support of coal-to-liquids. CTL converts coal into diesel fuel. CTL producers should be required to finance nuclear plants, solar power and wind turbines as carbon dioxide offsets. The Center's proposal also complements Senator Obama's 'clarification' of his CTL support: Senator Obama will not support the development of any coal-to-liquid fuels unless they emit at least 20 percent less life-cycle carbon than conventional fuels.

The Center supports CTL based on national security and believes such production should be directed primarily to and for the military. Coal is the fuel for 52% of the electricity production in the USA.

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