Saturday, March 03, 2007

Department of Energy Ethanol Grants Awarded

The Department of Eenrgy has issued 6 grants totalling $385 million from the Energy Policy Act of 2005 $2 billion loan guarantee program The program aims to promote a $1 per gallon cellulosic ethanol product, which comes from stalks and woody plants instead of corn kernels. It is twice as expensive and harder to get the fuel from this source than from the moist corn. President Bush proposed in his State of the Union Address to increase production to 35 billion gallons of alternative fuels above the EPAct target of 7.5 billion gallons. The firms include:

1. Broin Cos of Sioux Fall, S.D. (teamed with DuPont Co)

2. Abengoa Bioenergy of St. Louis, MO (a Colwich, Kansas site)

3. Alico Inc of LaBelle, Fla

4. BlueFire Ethanol Inc of Irvine, CA (teamed w/ Waste Management-Shelly, Corona, CA site)

5. Iogen Corp of Arlington, VA (teamed with Goldman Sachs Group Inc & Royal Dutch Shell)

6. Range Fuels Inc of Broomfield, Colo

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