Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EPA Publishes Updated List for Boutique Fuels

To comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, EPA has published a list of "boutique fuels." This list serves as the basis for any future adoption of boutique fuels into State Implementation Plans. A boutique fuel is a unique fuel blend developed by a state or local air pollution agency and approved by EPA as part of a State Implementation Plan to support meeting national air quality standards. The list limits the number and type of different fuels used around the country.

The existence of too many fuel types in a given area may present challenges for production, distribution, and storage during periodic disruptions like refinery shutdowns and weather-related incidents. To address this issue, President Bush directed EPA Administrator StephenJohnson to convene a Boutique Fuels Task Force. A report detailing the findings from this Boutique Fuels Task Force was published in late June.

Butique Fuel List
Boutique Fuel Task Force

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