Friday, November 10, 2006

Robert Samuelson Is A Global Warming Genius

The Washington Post columnist is so dead on in his article, "Greenhouse Guessing," that it is scary. At first we thought he had lost his mind by criticizing the current Stern Report. But by the end of the article, you had to agree that Samuelson nailed it. Nailed fairly, squarely and scientifically.

Samuelson acknowledges global warming and agrees that something needs to be done about it. He rejects Stern's notions though that you can measure the precise economic effects based on what 'might' happen. Samuelson writes, "No one knows what [global warming's effect] might be, because we don't know how much people might adapt....Unless we develop cost-effective technologies that break the link between carbon dioxide emissions and energy use, we can't do much." Smauelson gets it.

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